TREU Media

To understand media, to apply media in the appropriate way, to think across media and to act: it’s all about utilising a varity of communication channels to offer different contacts to the user during his consumer journey within a campaign. Media is not a one-man show. It’s the combination of analog and digital, i.e. the internet, TV, radio, bill boards and print media, that creates something extraordinary – creates brand identity.

TREU Media


Brand communication is developing at a tremendous pace. That’s why we keep monitoring it continually. We watch what moves humans, how interests shift and keep the media plan in mind. The combination of creativity and strategy helps to generate successful campaigns and new concepts. And more so it targets precise marketing aims and initiates a uniform brand communication.


Media purchasing describes the art of purchasing brands and messages in the most effective way. Our competence: an outstanding grasp of the media world, the talent to discover and implement new ways as well as negotiating skills.

  • Classic or digital media purchasing
  • Classic or digital media planning


In the age of digitalisation market research is of utmost importance for media planning. It offers the holistic approach to market places and target groups. Whereby media is clearly highlighted and brands can be placed in an ideal manner: across media. The combination of digital and analog generates qualitative brand content that can be spread extensively.