The new recruiting generation

Teilzeit Thiele: a company with a special character.  Founded 1969, second generation family-owned, but always one step ahead of time. Thiele is considered as the inventor and forger of the temporary work. Part-time work conceived on a new basis: with the attitude of a dynamic startup company Teilzeit Thiele injects new impulses into temporary work. As a result the largest employer in Ostwestfalen-Lippe decided to take to huge leap into the digital age. We assisted Teilzeit Thiele: developed and realised strategy, design and web deveolpment.

Top priority with jobs in the temporary work business is to be fast, precise and appealing. Our schemes are based on these facts. The design and the subsequent web development enable a compact overview of all services provided by Teilzeit Thiele.

First of all it was necessarry to adapt the job search routines to the respective user behaviour. Mobile first: user friendly applications on mobile devices had top priority. To create as much interest and attention in the short spans of awareness as possible, it was necessary to create a simple and fast application tool. Also the distribution of job adverts was optimised.

As a result all job adverts of Teilzeit Thiele can be found on indeed, the top frequented job search engine. The range was boosted and the awareness of a maximum number of applicants achieved.
With regards to candidate placement both the call back and customer inquiry routines were optimised – compact, simple and fast. Enabling the quickest possible reaction when having urgent personal demands.