"We're rocketing straightforward
and rigidly ahead"

On 15 June 2016 the agency BungartBessler (BB) from Hamburg merges with TREU. It's CEO Philip Bungart grew up and later founded his agency in Bad Salzuflen. In 2007 he set sail, left North Rhine-Westphalia for the Hanseatic city. There he has made a name for himself in the field of human resources communication and employer branding and has been rewarded with various awards. Some time ago Philip Bungart and a few other TREU colleagues formed a band. As a drummer he has enjoyed quite a few music productions. We wanted to know, why he wants to merge BB with TREU and what his expectations are.

Philip! What was your intention to merge BB with TREU?

The connection to TREU – formerly known as art&motion – has been in existence ever since our foundation and the idea to become one, just like going back to playing in one band, has been following us for quite some time. As a matter of fact we have always been networking and have joined forces on various projects. But now was the perfect moment in time zu merge into one with a common name. It is the appropriate idea to combine our expertise in human resources communication with TREU’s in brand commication. We aim to shift the market with our vision.

What are you going for?

Especially in the human resources area of business it is of utmost importance to be authentic and genuine. The merger between BB and TREU cluster our distinctive competences under one brand and enlarge the number of our branch offices in Germany. Due to the merger and the specialisation across various offices – even internationally – we can act flexible and adapt to the constantly accelerating economic pace. We live our vision. The advise we offer to our customers is daily life at TREU. Internationality and work experience abroad are no empty words but can be realised for every member of our team in existing or planned offices in Amsterdam, London and Paris. We position the human being in the center of attention. In recruiting as well as with our own staff.

What exactely constitutes TREU for you?

TREU conveys passion. At TREU everyone loves what he accomplishes, puts his heart to the matter. That’s epitomised and taken outside. TREU has realised that one has to adapt. As mentioned especially with recruting and employer relationship modern companies must change their point of view. To be successful all employees must be committed to the company values and products. Only so they will convey trust and authenticity to outsiders. And that’s a power TREU definately wields. It’s a classic phrase “the brand has to be hauled from inside outwards“. And that’s what TREU is about. All members of the TREU team live this advice from day to day and pose as a role model – both internally and for our respected customers. 

And what has been your philosophy until now?

Well, the new company vision does not deviate that much from our sambition, going into detail and to take comfort in creating something new. To follow up on a new approach and tob e emotional – to think and act in a different manner. Regardless if we are thinking in terms of products or human beings it all comes down to understanding, striking and satisfying  human needs. It’s the symbiosis of creativity, passion, zeitgeist and vitality that really make us successful. I am quite positive that this fits neatly tot he TREU family.

Yes, that’s absolutely true. Please tell me something about your previous customers?

As a matter of fact, there have been quite a number of customers over the years. We were lucky to take care of lots of projects for well-known major accounts as well as for cool small business ventures. We are proud of that and had lots of fun! The German TV companies ZDF and RTL frequently knock on our door and also we offer our expertise in human resources to the German chemistry employer  union (Bundesarbeitgeber Verband der Chemie-Branche), the German food retail association (EDEKA) as well as to one of Germanies largest health insurances (Techniker Krankenkasse). But it is not only human resources communication we are specialised in. We offer advertising campaigns, online games and marketing concepts for brands such as Intel, ASUS, Telekom or Citroën, as well as various music labels i.e. SonyMusic, Telemedia or even TV companies like MTV and Comedy Central. As I said, offer the past 17 years quite a lot of names have gathered.

TREU considers itself as the adviser for the digital future and is primarliy focused on launching it’s own startup companies? What is your point of view?

We have also successfully attended a few startup companies. But that was not our prime objective. Nevertheless, at BB we live up tor the startup spirit especially regarding an agil principle of operation. We urge on and think ahead. All in the spirit of digitalisation. And precisely that is what is being enhanced by the merger of BB and TREU. I am impressed at how we complement one another. Our own startup companies are the beneficiaries as well as new and existing accounts which can now be managed jointly. Togehter we are “boombastic“ (big grin).