The Treu Method

Businesses seeking long-term success must create confidence, inspire and keep on inspiring. Not just with new products and services, but also and above all with a unique brand. All popular brands have their own secret something. They become essential to us when they meet our needs and satisfy our wishes. But as our needs and the markets change, brands too must constantly develop and adapt. Yet at the same time, they must also remain true to their core values. For your business and your brand, we can develop individual, sustainable strategies, design and targeted media for all communication channels. Achieve your goals with our help.

The Treu Method

A strategy is a detailed plan for achieving a set goal. That is why we first find out about your goals, and examine whether they are consistent and feasible. Together we examine your business or brand: are you dead on target? What is your competitive position? What resources are available? Finally we provide a tailor-made strategy for your business case and the requirements of your customers, and an action plan that contains only those measures that you really need.

The starting point for each strategy is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your company and its competitors. We can learn a lot simply from your corporate communication. We also use our position as an independent, outside observer: we survey staff, interview customers, draw up profiles of requirements, etc. We research, analyse and assess. We tell you the truth – even when it hurts.
How far is your business on the road to reaching your goals? Are you making full use of the available options? Our advice helps you to identify the untapped potential of your business, and to overcome the problems preventing growth by following a clear and structured process. We work with you to find and develop solutions, and launch the steps needed for change. The ultimate result is a more competitive business that offers better employment opportunities. Funding for business potential consulting is available from the State of North Rhine-Westphalia and from the European Social Fund.
Brands create identity and individuality. They guide consumers through the product jungle, and make purchasing decisions easier. That is why a brand must be clear and distinctive. Each brand must inspire trust in both internal and external corporate communications, setting itself apart from the competition and building up a unique and authentic profile. We can help you to create a unique brand identity and a strong and sustainable brand concept.
What does your business or your brand stand for? What are their striking and memorable features? What image do they inspire in the customer’s mind, and what are their strong points in the battle for that limited resource, awareness? Perfect business and brand positioning combines an attractive service commitment with high consumer trust and particular relevance to potential customers’ everyday lives – no mean task. Yet not an impossible one, and successful positioning offers a major competitive advantage.
How do you communicate the benefits of your brand or businesses? Under one name or one brand? Or is it more effective to market the different components individually, more closely tailored to differing needs? We can help you to adapt most effectively to the expectations of your customers, and analyse the pros and cons of the various options open to you.
A good name and a good claim can create a strong competitive advantage – but only if they are right for you, and form a clear and consistent brand image with all other elements. We assess your name and claim and those of your competitors through the eyes of your customers, and work out the best way for you to communicate your brand message.

We develop the corporate design on the basis of your corporate identity and strategy. Corporate design is the visual heart of brand identity and creates the emotional link between brand and consumer. The brand image created must appeal to your brand’s target groups and meet their needs. Every design, every shape and every form used follow the rules of corporate design to produce, together, a unique brand image. Others may take a different approach, but our design follows brand design and is not a free art form. It is emotional and inspires passion, but remains calculated and controlled at all times. Ultimately, discipline and consistency are essential for a strong and sustainable corporate or brand image. A good corporate design remains within a consistent framework, but leaves enough creative scope to respond to new developments.

At the heart of brand design is its continuous, correct and consistent use. No matter where customers come into contact with your brand, the image in their minds must be clear, consistent and meet their expectations. If this is the case, all uses of the design create a positive overall brand image. This is what inspires confidence in the brand. We know just how important continuity is to brand management, and how easily it can disappear in everyday business – which is why we also act as your “design watchdog” and take action where needed.
People want to identify with what they do and what they represent. Your staff will be more enthusiastic and effective ambassadors of your brand if they know the history behind the design and can explain it to others. We can help you bring the design to life for your staff.

Introducing changes to a company is often a difficult business. There can be many conflicting interests, and supporters of the old have to be won over to the new, misunderstandings dealt with and necessary information provided. We can help you right from the start to develop an internal communications strategy and a road map for implementing changes, and will tell you where problems might arise. We involve staff from the various departments and levels of the hierarchy in the process as early as possible, making them party to and beneficiaries of the changes, above all at the implementation stage.

No matter how carefully created the brand, how clear and effective its design: it will remain meaningless and its launch fail miserably if your staff do not welcome and support the necessary changes. We can show you what steps and measures are needed to make this process successful. We provide implementation support and coordination at all levels.
It is a good idea to find out the attitudes, opinions and experiences of staff at an early stage, as you can draw on these findings in the development process. Staff often raise aspects which can decide future success or failure. Whether it’s workshops, staff surveys or expert interviews, we will find the right method for you and manage the entire process.
Staff need comprehensive information and guidance in any change process. This places additional responsibility and pressure on managers. With the right selection of staff events, we can facilitate and help to shape this (personnel) development process – for example by addressing in workshops questions such as: What was good and should be retained? What needs to change? How do we need to change our approach, and how can we best work together? What do the customers mean to us? How do we want to communicate with them? What should be our future focus and approach?
Simply informing your staff is not enough. They need to be won over, to accept and approve the new. Only then will they be able to effectively engage with customers. Give your staff a new way to experience the brand and brand concept; let them become a part of the company’s history and help to shape that history. Demonstrating in the team how this new approach is based on the brand concept will show the benefits of that concept and inspire everyone to commit to the brand values.
Internal communication is essential to the successful launch of a new strategy, a new brand or a new design. Ongoing measures raise staff awareness and gain staff acceptance at an early stage. We can develop the right media for you for the launch, for example blogs, newsletters and staff magazines, coordinate the process and, together with you, manage implementation.
The effectiveness of measures implemented must be reviewed at regular intervals. Qualitative monitoring by customers and our agency achieves two goals: transparency on costs and benefits on the one hand, and information on how the measures could be developed and optimised on the other. We work with you to define the parameters for assessment at an early stage.

The purpose of communication is to provide regular and exciting information about your brand or your company on all communication channels. Just like a good story with a strong central character, our communication grabs both the heart and head, enabling customers to experience and identify with the brand. And if we tell the story really well, customers will retell it. That’s our kind of story, and we can help you make yours absolutely gripping.

Media and advertising channels should be chosen on a strategic basis and in the light of cost-benefit considerations. We take the liberty of talking our clients out of using advertising media which we are not convinced will be effective. To ensure that all aspects and all developments form one, successful story; that all parts make up a meaningful and exciting whole, all measures are coordinated down to the last detail, and one builds on the other. We have the broader picture firmly in view and manage communication – it’s not enough to have a great story; it also has to be told well.
Print media have their own attraction and appeal to many different senses. The feel of the paper, the smell of the material, the weight of catalogues or the size of a billboard poster can all communicate their own brand messages. Texts can be set in better and more readable quality in print media, and the options offered by editorial and magazine design create new brand experiences. The wide range of packaging and special effects available for mass mailing can raise greater interest in brand messages and give them a more lasting effect.
Digital media in all their diversity are now essential to a clear and targeted communication strategy. That is why we are not only specialists in Typo3, blog systems such as WordPress and shop systems such as Shopware, but can also guide you expertly through the world of social media. We are also there to help with issues such as Web hosting and individual programming: we bring in the right experts at an early stage, who are familiar with all IT and enterprise resource planning system interfaces and can adapt these to meet your needs.
To be distinctive, each brand and each business must speak its own language. This is true for communication both with your customers and with staff. We listen carefully to what you have to say and help you to develop and cultivate your own, unmistakable language. We make sure that all communication materials and all staff on all channels are talking the language that will communicate your brand message authentically and convincingly.
Public Relations
Supplying the media and therefore the public with interesting stories about your business and your brand is an important part of any successful communications strategy. Press relations work has its own, unique rules, and what interests the press will not necessarily be what your business finds important. We can guide you through the media world, manage traditional press and public relations work, and make sure that your brand message is correctly received by the customer.
Brand should be tangible; a physical experience. We work with our partners to develop interiors and shop systems that turn your brand into a striking and distinctive experience for your customers.
Your brand comes alive when your customers and staff can experience it at first hand; when they can grasp the message, spirit and essence of the brand with all five senses. We create the right opportunities for that experience and present your brand as a living story.
We make your brand strong and striking wherever it needs to stand out, namely in direct competition with others. A clear strategy and effective design are decisive factors in sales promotion and marketing at the point of sale. Excellent implementation and POS expertise are essential. For all requirements we either have our own specialists, or coordinate and monitor the work of our partners in line with your strategy.